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Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
-- governor of the bank of england has talked about a strong city of london. he still sees finance as being a large part of the british economy. is that the right course of action? to bewould like finance strong but we would like a broader-based economy which goes back to this earlier theme about the right infrastructure. there is lots of opportunity for growing other industries. america does a better job of creating new businesses all the time and has real intellectual debates about the right things to do. we haven't really got that level on here in the u.k. about where we should be positioning our macroeconomy for growth going forward. we would like to play a bigger role in all of that. we would also like to play a bigger role in investment. we have got plenty of money to invest here in the u.k. >> is that changing? as we see more infrastructure, is the u.k. being more in sync with the u.s.? >> what we saw after the tech situation where a lot of great companies were created. google, facebook, apple, guess where they all came from. they all came from one country. we need to see real innova
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
launches around the world in six cities on four continents. it is a massive following all over the world. people cannot disassociate mustang from ford. the two words go absolutely hand-in-hand. >> coming up, maintaining momentum. george osborne gets set to give the statements as britain's recovery statements. what do businesses want to hear from him? we will delve into that next. ♪ >> american brands are opening their or doors here in the u k. the latest his home where company west elm. our european business correspondent, caroline hyde went to take a look and meet the ceo of the american retailer. this is attracting a lot of u.s. business. >> it is. she is head of the whole of sonoma.s- a propertyg, is it boom in the u k many are feeling that it might be a bubble. sell rather luxurious bedspreads and great soap is, cushions all the like. she always wanted to expand into europe. you can see the pictures of the store. it is quite inspirational. they are right next to heals, habitat, how are they going to set themselves apart? they are getting involved with local artists. they have insta
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2